free Boron induction furnace ramming mass 无硼中频炉捣打料


free Boron induction furnace ramming mass 无硼中频炉捣打料







Our company keeps up with the development requirements of the international market, aiming at the demand of boron-free siliceous ramming materials needed in Thailand  induction furnace market, combined with Zhengzhou University High temperature Research Institute, after 6 months of research and development, experimental demonstration, the successful production of stereotyped induction furnace boron-free ramming materials. Filled in the market gap.

Boron-free ramming material to meet the market requirements of boron less than 8 parts per million.

Optimize the particle ratio of the material under the action of boron-free combustion aid.

The requirements of using life in induction furnace are guaranteed.

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