C – CR2O3 reaction 反应


C-CR 相图看, 1650C下, cr2o3C反应生产CR23C2,如碳饱和,可继续于CR2O3反应生产CR7C3,由于固相CR23C2成核困难,也会延长CR2O3还原反应的孕育期,由此看出,c对于CR2O3的还原反应。

From the C-CR phase diagram, at 1650’C, the C r 2 o 3 and C reaction producing CR23C2, such as C saturation, can continue to produce CR7C3 in the CR2O3 reaction, and can also prolong the gestation period of the CR2O3 reduction reaction due to difficult solid-phase CR23C2 nucleation, which shows that c is the reducing reaction to CR2O3.

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