High temperature change of quartz ramming mass material 石英砂捣打料高温变化




石英砂在573°产生晶体转变,发生体积膨胀, 577°,硼矸与石英砂形成玻璃相,表面釉化 。


1470°,石英砂晶体转变完成,体积增大5% 。




High temperature change of quartz ramming mass material

Quartz sand produces crystal transition at 573°, occurs volume expansion, 577°, boron gangue forms a glass phase with quartz sand, surface glaze.

870°, quartz sand begins the second crystal transition, volume, expansion amount continues to enlarge.

At 1470°, the quartz sand crystal transformation was completed, and the volume was increased by 5%.

During the whole sintering and heat conduction process, the sintering layer, semi-sintering layer and loose layer are formed. The semi-sintering layer gradually excessive from 870 degrees to the sintering layer.

At the same time, under high temperature, the volume of quartz sand changes significantly, the high temperature stomatal rate increases, the volume stability deterior, resulting in obvious overall cracking, burning loss, obvious shrinkage, peeling and so on. Affect the overall furnace age.


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