al-cr ,mgal-cr ,sic 抗渣研究 research


 等离子体气化炉工作温度高,服役条件恶劣,对炉衬耐火材料提出了严格的要求目前等离子体气化炉衬主要包括含铬和SiC质耐火材料。含铬材料由于其优异的抗渣性能被广泛用于等离子体气化炉,然而含铬材料在生产和使用过程中容易产生Cr 6+,严重污染环境。 等离子体气化炉炬口附近瞬间产生高温,会造成严重的热应力损毁,如上海某厂以w(Cr 2O 3)=41.65% Al 2O 3-Cr 2O 3砖作为等离子体气化炉衬材料,使用20多天后就产生严重损毁。有研究报道,w(Cr 2O 3)= 20%MgAl 2O 4-Cr 2O 3材料与w(Cr 2O 3)= 50%Al 2O 3-Cr 2O 3砖的 抗渣侵蚀性接近,且抗热震性更加优良,有利于降低Cr 2O 3含量;SiC质耐火材料也因具有优异的抗渣性能与力学性能亦被广泛用于等离子体气化炉,有利于实现等离子体气化炉衬材料的无铬化。

 the plasma gasifier has high working temperature and harsh service conditions, which puts strict requirements for furnace lining refractory.Current plasma gasifier lining mainly includes chromium-containing and SiC qualitative refractory materials.Chromium-containing materials are widely used in plasma gasifier due to their excellent slag resistance performance, but chromium-containing materials are prone to Cr 6 + during production and use, which seriously pollute the environment.High temperature occurs instantly near the plasma gasifier torch port, which will cause serious thermal stress damage. For example, in a factory in Shanghai, the w (Cr 2O 3)=41.65% Al 2O 3-Cr 2O 3 brick is used as the plasma gasifier lining material, and serious damage will occur after more than 20 days of use.It is reported that w (Cr 2O 3)=20% MgAl 2O 4-Cr 2O 3 material is close to w (Cr 2O 3)=50% Al 2O 3-Cr 2O 3 brick, and better thermal shock resistance is conducive to reducing Cr 2O 3 content; SiC quality refractory is also widely used for plasma gasifier due to excellent slag resistance and mechanical properties, conducive to the non-chromatization of plasma gasifier lining material.


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